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Greece - Crete

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, and one of the largest beaches in the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south. It is a mountanious island, with a high mountain range crossing from west to east (highest peak 2454 m) where rivers have carved deep gorges.
Approximately 160 km south of mainland Greece, it spans 260 km east to west, and only between 12 to 60 km north to south. That means Crete covers an area of 8,336 km2, with a coastline of 1,046 km where there are hundreds of beaches, from very popular beaches in tourist resorts to little coves only accessible by boat or after a long hike. Most of them consist of small pebbles, but there are also some sandy beaches.
The climate in Crete is primarily Mediterranean, which means mild winters and average summer temperatures around 30ºC, occasionally reaching up to the mid 40s. The south coast falls in the North African climatic zone, and thus enjoys significantly more sunny days and higher temperatures throughout the year.

Naturism is accepted in many beaches in Crete, although the only one official nude beach is associated to a naturist resort (Vritomartis). Most of them are located in the south, east or west coasts, since holiday resorts concentrate in the north and beaches are more accessible.
It is sad to find in the reports submitted to Captain Barefoot (probably the best reference for nudist spots in Greece) that as tourism grows in Crete, there seems to be less suitable places for naturists. Thus, the possibility to take your clothes off depends largely on the season and even on the time.

Below you can find a map with the beaches in Crete where nudism can be practiced. The name and locations have been checked in several sources, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy in all cases. Please check by yourself the current status of these beaches.

Report available in our site. Follow the link for more information
Non-official nude beach, but nudism is tolerated (maybe only in one section of the beach or depending on the date/time)

North Coast (Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon, Lassithi)

  1. Menies
  2. Maherida
  3. Kera
  4. Sarandari
  5. Glaros
  6. Propatoumenos
  7. Chomatistra
  8. Plaka
  9. Agriomandra
  10. Mochlos

East Coast (Lassithi)

  1. Itanos
  2. Psili Ammos
  3. Kedromouri 
  4. Maridati
  5. Chiona
  6. Skinias
  7. Mavromouri
  8. Karoumes
  9. Zakros
  10. Alona
  11. Alatsolimni
  12. Gerontolakkos
  13. Argilos
  14. Ligias Lakkos
  15. Agia Irini

West Coast (Chania)

  1. Elafonissi
  2. Stomio
  3. Keramoti
  4. Xotikospilio
  5. Platanakia 
  6. Falassarna

South Coast (Chania) 

  1. Orthi Ammos
  2. Filaki
  3. Iligas
  4. Glika Nera
  5. Timios Stavros
  6. Perivolakia
  7. Agios Pavlos
  8. Agia Roumelli
  9. Kalogeros
  10. Fournoti
  11. Domata
  12. Tripiti
  13. Sougia
  14. Lissos
  15. Astropelekita 
  16. Gialiskari 
  17. Keratides
  18. Paleochora
  19. Grameno
  20. Koundora
  21. Krios
  22. Viena
  23. Kedrodasos

South Coast (Heraklion)

    1. Psaroharako
    2. Salamias
    3. Vourlidia
    4. Vourdolakos
    5. Armenopetra
    6. Krassas
    7. Aspes
    8. Kaminaki
    9. Agios Antonios
    10. Vourlidia
    11. Katarti
    12. Fylakas
    13. Trafoulas
    14. Petrakis
    15. Dyskos
    16. Red Beach
    17. Komos

    South Coast (Rethymnon)

      1. Agia Galini
      2. Agios Georgios
      3. Agios Pavlos / Alatsogremi 
      4. Triopetra
      5. Ligres
      6. Katsouni
      7. Agia Fotini
      8. Drimiskianos
      9. Preveli
      10. Skinaria
      11. Ammoudaki
      12. Plakias
      13. Souda
      14. Kokkinos Volakas
      15. Stavri
      16. Agia Marina

      South Coast (Lassithi)

        1. Votsalaki
        2. Lagada
        3. Diaskiri
        4. Maheridia
        5. Ferma
        6. Koufonissi Island
        7. Chrissi Island

        Gavdos Island (Chania)

        1. Sarakiniko
        2. Korfos
        3. Lakoudi
        4. Tripiti
        5. Diana Beach
        6. Potamos
        7. Pyrgos
        8. Lavrakas
        9. Agios Ioannis

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