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El Fonoll

El Fonoll is not your typical naturist resort or campsite. It is an ancient village, hundreds of years old, abandoned after the Spanish civil war. In 1995, Emili Vives, the founder, bought it and the forest surrounding it (150 ha) and started rebuilding the crumbling houses. Now there are more than 20 houses and rooms, a campsite and 20 km of paths under the trees that you can discover without clothes.

There are different accomodation options: Isolated cabins in the forest, private apartments, a hostel and a campsite. Privacy and comfort levels vary, but equipment is always reduced to the basics. The philosophy of El Fonoll invites you to lead a simple and environmentally friendly life. Thus, there is hardly any mobile or TV coverage, noises are not allowed, and since all available electricity is generated in the town itself, it is asked to reduce consumption to a minimum. Running water is not treated, and therefore is not potable. There is a natural spring that provides drinking water.

Although there is no swimming pool, there is a pond where you can cool off. Other facilities are a solar sauna, an outdoor picnic area, a vegetarian restaurant and a shop with organic products. Orchards and farm animals are perhaps what most distinguishes this town from the typical naturist complex.

How to get there

The Fonoll is located in the center of Catalonia, about 115 km from Barcelona and 65 from Lleida and Tarragona. It is in a rural area and the only road to get there is not paved.
From the north (if you arrive from Barcelona or Lleida), the access is in the road from Guimerà to Vallfogona de Riucorb, almost in the limit between the provinces of Lleida and Tarragona. Then you have to follow for 4.5 km the road that runs southwards indicated as "Camí al Fonoll". It is not paved, but suitable for all vehicles. Shortly before reaching the town you can see a sign indicating the nudist area.

From the south (Tarragona), take the T-222 road between Forès and Passanant. Near this last town you must take a detour to the east following the sign "Fonoll" and then continue for 1.5 km along the road that borders the ridge. You can see El Fonoll at the bottom of the valley. Pass two large wind generators, and when you get to the third one, take the unpaved road, that goes down to the village on your right. It's only 2 km, and again there is a welcome sign

My review

This place is not for everyone. If you decide to go there, you must accept that many of the comforts we take for granted in our daily life will be missing. It is important that you get informed and choose the accomodation option that best fit your expectations. The website explains them very well.
I stayed in one of the apartments. It was basic, but it has everything you may need. Private bathroom with a shower, a kitchen and even a small wood stove. The only thing I regret was the lack of bed sheets or towels, something especially important if you travel there by plane. But there are blankets, quite useful because nights there can be cold (it was May). Some people complain of the noise produced by the wind generators around the village, but I stopped noticing them quite soon.

We use the village as the base to visit other places during the day, and so I cannot give my opinion about the restaurant, the shop, or, unfortunately, the famous vegetarian paella.
On the positive side, you can enjoy total peace of mind. Even if that was not your initial goal, the environment pushes you to disconnect from everything. The traditional architecture (with some more modern licenses in some cases), the orchards, the farm animals... everything takes you back to a time when less things were needed. Less comfortable, for sure, but perhaps with less worries.

And of course, the forest that surrounds the town is undoubtedly the most spectacular feature of El Fonoll. If for you naturism has to do with the contact with nature, here you will get it for real. It is not easy to find places like this where you can practice sports or take long walks naked without fear of the reactions of the people you might come across.

Other opinions

Being the first naturist village, El Fonoll has became quite famous and has appeared in several reports in the Spanish press and TV:


Plaça Salvador Puig Antich, 4
43425 El Fonoll (Tarragona)
Email: hola@elfonoll.cat
Tel: +34 977 266 138
       +34 934 211 880
GPSLat. : 41.5288 • Long. : 1.2315

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