25 nov. 2017

South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. It is bounded on the south by 2,798 kilometres of coastline along the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans; on the north by the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe; and on the east and northeast by Mozambique and Swaziland; and surrounds the kingdom of Lesotho.

South Africa has a generally temperate climate. Due to the varied topography and oceanic influence, a great variety of climatic zones exist. The climatic zones range from the extreme desert of the southern Namib in the farthest northwest to the lush subtropical climate in the east along the Mozambique border and the Indian Ocean. Winters in South Africa occur between June and August. The extreme southwest has a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean with wet winters and hot, dry summers. This region is also particularly known for its wind, which blows intermittently almost all year.

Tourist industry accounts for a substantial amount of the country's revenue. South Africa offers a wide variety of options. Some of the most popular destinations include several national parks, the coastlines and beaches of the KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape provinces, and the major cities.

Sandy Bay (photo: Searching 4 Eden, IG: @searching4eden_)

Sandy Bay (photo: Searching 4 Eden, IG: @searching4eden_)

There is no official nudist beach in South Africa. Mpenjati beach was approved as a naturist beach in 2014, but its status was reverted next year and the process is currently under review. Sandy Bay and Umhlanga Lagoon are the only other beaches where nudity is, although ilegal, more or least tolerated. Other potentially nude beaches are quite remote and, according to some reports, unsafe. Apart from them, there is a growing number of naturist clubs and resorts all around the country. They range from 100% naturist resorts to naturist friendly places where nudity depends on the guests staying at that time.

The South African National Naturist Association (SANNA) represents the whole naturist community in South Africa along with other regional organizations. Their objective is to promote the practice and general acceptance of naturism and to represent naturism to local government and international organizations.

Below you can find a map with non-official naturist beaches and naturist resorts in South Africa. The name and locations have been checked in several sources, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy in all cases. Please check by yourself the current status of these beaches. Some resorts only provide the exact location once you have made a booking, so the position in the map is approximate.

Naturist resort
Non-naturist resort with nude or clothes optional areas
Non-official nude beach, but nudism is tolerated (maybe only in one section of the beach or depending on the date/time)

Nude Beaches

  1. Sandy Bay
  2. Secrets Beach
  3. Lighthouse Beach, Great Fish River
  4. Mpenjati
  5. Umhlanga Lagoon

Naturist Clubs and Resorts

  1. Sun Kissed Villa
  2. Bare Necessities
  3. The Striptease River Trail (Tsitsikamma Lodge & Spa)
  4. Butt Nothing Naturist Accommodation
  5. The Hooting Owl Guest House
  6. Eden Naturist Villa
  7. Kiepersolkloof Private Nature Reserve
  8. Harmony Nature Farm
  9. Voëlkop
  10. Vyedam Naturist Resort
  11. Sun Eden Naturist Resort
  12. Bird of Paradise Private Naturist Club

Naturist Tours

  1. Jolilox Tours
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