11 may 2017

United Kingdom - Scotland

Scotland is the part of the United Kingdom that occupies the north of Great Britain island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It includes also almost 800 other islands. With an area of 78,772 km2, the mainland coastline has a length of 9,910 km that increases to 16,500 km taking into account the islands. We may add the numerous lakes (known as "lochs") and rivers.
The climate is oceanic, changeable and temperate, less extreme than other regions in the same latitude thanks to the effect of the North Atlantic Drift. Due to the mountanious topography, rain is more frequent in the west part of the country, but to be honest, Scotland is not celeb for its bright sky (Edinburgh, for example, have roughly half of the annual sunshine hours in Lisbon or Dallas).
Due to this, the top tourist attractions are not the beaches, but the historical monuments and museums and the natural areas including forests, lochs and mountains.

Photo: Gerhard (Tantallon castle)

There are only three official nude beaches in Scotland, but up to 12 traditional nudist areas, a few clubs and naturist retreats, and many other secluded areas where skinny dipping may be possible, not only at the coast, but also inland in the lochs.
Naturism in a public place is not ilegal in the UK, but be careful, you can get into trouble with police if someone complains. British Naturism is campaigning to clarify the law and improve the acceptance of naturism. They have written a legal guide that may be useful if you decide to use any of the non official naturist places.
Below you can find a map showing the beaches and clubs in Scotland where nudism can be practiced. The name and locations have been checked in several sources, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy in all cases. Please check by yourself the exact location and current status of these places. The website of British Naturism is extremely useful as your primary reference source.


  1. Turnberry
  2. Ardeer Official
  3. Cleat's Shore Official
  4. Loch Shiel
  5. Kearvaig / Cape Wrath
  6. Crakaig Beach Official
  7. Findhorn
  8. Balmedie Beach
  9. Kinshaldy Beach
  10. Lower Largo / Dumbarnie Links
  11. Aberlady Bay
  12. Tyninghame

Naturist Clubs & Resorts

  1. Scottish Outdoor Club
  2. Sunnybroom
  3. West Highland Retreat
  4. The Waterhouse
  5. Be Natural B&B

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