13 abr. 2017

Dutch Caribbean

The Dutch Caribbean refers to territories and countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the Lesser Antilles. Current territories comprise the islands of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba.
  • ArubaCuraçao and Sint Maarten are countries within the Kigdom of the Netherlands, just like the Netherlands (the country in Europe). While Aruba and Curaçao occupy a whole island, Sint Maarten is the southern part of the island of Saint Martin (the northern half is an overseas territory of France)
  • BonaireSint Eustatius and Saba are special municipalities of the Neherlands.
All these islands have a tropical semi-arid climate, with an amazingly constant temperature all-year round between 25 and 29ºC. They are out of the hurricane belt and are only occasionally affected by them.

Cupecoy beach (Photo: Christine Nguyen - IG: @crazygypsychristine)

In general, public nudity is not allowed on any of these islands. The only exception is one (not official) beach in Sint Maarten, while in the french side of the island there are many more options. There are, on the other hand, a few resorts where nudism is tolerated, at least in the swimming pool.

Below you can find a map showing the beaches and places in the Dutch Caribbean where nudism can be practiced. The name and locations have been checked in several sources, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy in all cases. It seems that in the last times some nudist places have disappeared. Please check by yourself the current status of these places.

Naturist resort
Non-naturist resort with nude or clothes optional areas
Non-official nude beach, but nudism is tolerated (maybe only in one section of the beach or depending on the date/time)


  1. Guesthouse Littledavid


  1. Dos Iguana Nature Retreat


  1. The Natural Curaçao Clothing Optional Miniresort

Sint Maarten

  1. Cupecoy Beach

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