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Canada is the second largest country in the world, but since it occupies the northern half of North America (with part of its territory lying north of the Artic Circle), about four-fifths of the country's population of 35 million people live near the southern border with the United States. Canada's coastline is the largest in the world (243,042 kilometres), divided into the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Artic Ocean.
The majority of Canada has a cold or severely cold winter climate, but southerly areas are warm in summer, and the country has lots of wonderful beaches, both in the coast and in the uncountable lakes and rivers inland.

Three Mile Beach (Photo: Okanagan Naturist Association)

Laws regarding nudity don't seem to be very clear in Canada. "Indecent acts" are forbidden, but it is unclear what an indecent act is. Generally speaking, Canadian courts are lenient on public nudity as long as it’s non-sexual and not harassing anyone, and the courts have found that nude swimming is not offensive under this definition.
There are only 3 official nude beaches in Canada, but many other places are traditional nudist spots. Not surprisingly, all of them are located on the south of the country. On the other hand, there are at least 20 landed clubs and resorts member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, not to mention several other non-landed associations.
Below you can find a map with most of the beaches and places in Canada where nudism can be practiced. The name and locations have been checked in several sources, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy in all cases. Please check by yourself the current status of these beaches.

British Columbia

  1. Lost Lake (Whistler)
  2. Little Tribune Bay (Hornby Island)
  3. Mission Flats Park (Kamloops)
  4. Three Mile Beach (Penticton)
  5. Crescent Rock Beach (Vancouver )
  6. Brunswick Beach (Vancouver )
  7. Wreck beach (Vancouver ) Official
  8. Florencia Bay (Vancouver Island)
  9. White Rock Beach (Vernon)
  10. Prior Lake (Victoria)
  11. Witty's Lagoon Beach (Victoria)
  12. Albert Head Beach (Vancouver Island)
  13. Pacific Rim National Park: Long Beach (Vancouver Island)


  1. Weaselhead Flats / Elbow River (Calgary)


  1. Cranberry Flats (Saskatoon)
  2. Paradise Beach / Bare Ass Beach (Saskatoon)


  1. Beaconia Beach (Winnipeg)
  2. Patricia Beach (Winnipeg)


  1. Port Burwell Provincial Park (London)
  2. Beechgrove Beach West (Scarborough)
  3. Hanlan's Point Beach (Toronto) Official
  4. John E. Pearce Provincial Park (Wallacetown)
  5. Wasaga Beach (Wasaga)
  6. MacRae Lake (Muskoka)


  1. Pointe Taillon Beach (Alma)
  2. Lac Simon (Duhamel)
  3. Meech Lake (Hull)
  4. Oka beach (Montreal)
  5. Cap-aux-Oies (Quebec)
  6. Rivière Palmer (Ste-Agathe-de-Lotbinière)
  7. Boom Défense (Gaspé)
  8. Tadoussac Dunes (Tadoussac, Saguenay River mouth)

New Brunswick

  1. Kellys beach (Moncton)

Prince Edward Island

  1. Blooming Point (Charlottetown)

Nova Scotia

  1. Crystal Crescent Beach / Mackerel Cove (Halifax) Official

Naturist Clubs and Resorts

  • British Columbia
    1. Van Tan Nudist Club
    2. Sunny Trails Club
    3. Sol Sante Club
    4. Bare Creek Clothing Optional Bed & Breakfast
  • Alberta
    1. Sunny Chinooks Association
    2. Helios Nudist Association
  • Saskatchewan
    1. Green Haven Sun Club
  • Manitoba
    1. Naturist Legacy Inc
  • Ontario
    1. Sunny Glades Nature Park
    2. Ponderosa Nature Resort
    3. Jewel Lake Wilderness
    4. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
    5. Lilly Valley Nudist Club
    6. Angel Eyes Naturist Bed & Breakfast
    7. Sunward Naturist Park
    8. Lakesun Club
    9. TLC Family Bed & Breakfast
    10. East Haven Sun Club RV Resort
  • Quebec
    1. Camping La Vieille Ferme
    2. La Pommerie, Centre Écologique et Naturiste

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