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Brazil is the largest country in South America and the world's fifth-largest country by both area and population, From Uruguay to the south to the French Guiana to the north, the coastline of Brazil measures 7,491 km, which makes it the 16th longest national coastline of the world. All the coast lies adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean.
With its size and varied geography, Brazil comprises many different climates, although tropical weather is typical for most of the country. The long beach season and the amazing nature and landscapes have made Brazil one of the main tourist destinations worldwide.

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Nudism is increasingly popular in Brazil. There are 8 official nude beaches and a few naturist clubs and resorts distributed along the coastal regions (even inland clubs are located not far from the coast). Apart from them, many other remote beaches are known to allow nude sunbathing in secluded areas (public nudity is not criminalized when the clothes-free area is private and away from a view from the street, or through legislation when the beaches are officiated by a municipal decree).

Below you can find a map with most of the beaches in Brazil where nudism can be practiced. The name and locations have been checked in several sources, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy in all cases. Please check by yourself the current status of these beaches.

Naturist resort
Non naturist resort, with naturist or clothes-optional areas 
Official nude beach
Non-official nude beach, but nudism is tolerated (maybe only in one section of the beach or depending on the date/time)

Nude Beaches

Região Norte

  1. Princesa ou Farol (Ilha do Algodoal-PA) 
  2. Romana (Ilha da Romana/Curuça-Salinópolis-PA) 
  3. Santa Cruz (Ilha Tracoateua-PA) 
  4. Ajuruteua (Bragança-PA)

Região Nordeste

  1. Ilha da Barra Velha (Caravelas/Nova Viçosa-BA) 
  2. Pedra Grande/Trancoso (Trancoso-Porto Seguro-BA) 
  3. Massarandupió (Entre Rios/Praia do Forte-BA) Official  
  4. Pitinga (Arraial d'Ajuda-Porto Seguro-BA) 
  5. Quarta Praia/Quinta Praia (Morro de S.Paulo-BA) 
  6. Belmonte (Belmonte/Santra Cruz Cabrália-BA) 
  7. Ilha da Coroa Vermelha (Nova Viçosa-BA) 
  8. Artistas-Itapuã (Salvador-BA) 
  9. Taípe (Arraial D'Ajuda-BA) 
  10. Abaís (Estância/Aracajú-SE) 
  11. Carro Quebrado (Barra de Santo Antônio-AL) 
  12. Ilha da Croa (Barra de Santo Antônio-AL) 
  13. Ilha da Coroa (S.J. Coroa Grande-Divisa com Pernambuco) 
  14. Gravatá (São José da Coroa Grande-PE) 
  15. Cocaia (Cabo de S. Agostinho-PE) 
  16. Muro Alto (Porto de Galinhas-PE) 
  17. Porto (Barreiros-PE) 
  18. Várzea do Una (Barreiros-PE) 
  19. Ilha dos Amores (Recife-PE) 
  20. Americano (Fernando de Noronha-PE) 
  21. Tambaba (Conde-PB) Official  
  22. Malembar (Georgino Avelino-RN) 
  23. Praia Madeiro ou Golfinho (Tibau do Sul-RN) 
  24. Canoa Quebrada (Aracati-CE) 
  25. Fontes (Beberibe-CE) 
  26. da Malhada (Jericoacoara-CE) 
  27. Cumbuco (Caucaia-CE) 
  28. Batoque (Aquiraz-CE)

Região Sudeste

  1. Brava (Caraguatatuba-SP) 
  2. Brava (São Sebastião-SP) 
  3. Boiçucanga (São Sebastião-SP) 
  4. Praia do Alto (Ubatuba-SP) 
  5. Parati-Mirim (Parati-RJ) 
  6. Ilha do Ventura (Parati-RJ) 
  7. Ilha do Pelado (Parati-RJ) 
  8. Figueira ou Praia dos Pelados (Trindade-RJ) 
  9. Brava (Cabo Frio-RJ) 
  10. Brava (Trindade-RJ) 
  11. Olho de Boi (Armação de Búzios-RJ) Official 
  12. Amores (Armação de Búzios-RJ) 
  13. Foca (Armação de Búzios-RJ) 
  14. Virgem (Búzios-RJ) 
  15. Seca (Araruama-RJ) 
  16. Jaconé (Maricá-RJ) 
  17. Abricó (Grumari-RJ) Official 
  18. Praia do Meio (Rio de Janeiro-RJ) 
  19. Massambaba (Saquarema-RJ) 
  20. Farolito (Campos-RJ) 
  21. Virgem (Rio das Ostras) 
  22. Adão e Eva (Niteroi-RJ) 
  23. Lagoa Grande (km 92 Rio-Santos) 
  24. Barra Seca (Linhares-ES) Official 

Região Sul

  1. Dunas (Cidreira-RS) 
  2. Pedras Altas (Palhoça-SC) Official 
  3. Galheta (Florianópolis-SC) Official 
  4. Pinho (Camboriú-SC) Official 

Naturist Clubs and Resorts

  1. Pousada naturista Tambaba
  2. Colina do Sol
  3. Ecoparque da Mata
  4. Recanto Paraiso
  5. Rincão Clube Naturista
  6. Pousada Mirante do Paraíso
  7. Pousada Rio e Mar
  8. Territorio Macuxi

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