29 abr. 2016

Murcia, nude beaches to escape from tourist resorts

Typically, the coast of Murcia features long sandy beaches and villages transformed into mass tourist resorts. The hotels and apartament blocks in La Manga del Mar Menor can be the best example. But even there, tourist development has respected a few wonderful places, probably because their difficult access or their (only apparently) lack of interest. Happily, in the last years they have started to be protected and today they are some of the most beautiful landscapes you can find in this region.

Beach at El Portus naturist campsite

Not far from Cape Palos and La Manga we can find the Regional Park Calblanque. It is a protected environment where access restrictions limit the number of visitors in the summer. Out of that season, you can enter freely using the designated roads and tracks. Here the hills meet the sea creating a series of cliffs and sandy beaches. Depending on their accessibility, nudity is more or less common. As usual, the more nudist-friendly beaches are those farther from the parking areas. Using as a reference the road that runs through the park, to the left (east) we can find the beaches Calblanque, Cala Arturo, Cala Magre and Cala de los Dentones, and to the right Playa Larga, Playa de las Cañas, Playa Negrete and Cala Parreño.

Calblanque Regional Park

Just a few kilometres south of Calblanque, pass Cartagena city (with its remarkable historical buildings) and the important industrial area, and you will arrive to another secluded bay. The most relevant naturist center in the region is here, the naturist campsite El Portus. Visitors from all over Europe chose it due to the quiet atmosphere and the direct access to a beach where, obviously, nudism is the norm.

Behind the cape in front of El Portus that closes Cartagena bay, Mazarron emerges in the middle of a plain that combines agricultural and touristic uses. South of these long sandy beaches, there are a series of coves in a 2km-long section of rough coastline. Nudism is prohibited in the two of them closer to Bolnuevo. Apparently, because they are beaches for "familes with children", as they say on the signs next to these beaches. It doesn't make much sense (I have seen lots of families and children on nude beaches!), but there are another 6 beaches where you can enjoy this area in the nude. From north to south, they are Cueva de Lobos (the most attended), Playa Amarilla, Cala de La Grua, Cala Leño (these two are almost the same beach separated by a rocky outcrop), Cala Desnuda (so tiny that I doubt that more than 10 people can stay there) and Cala del Barranco Ancho. There is a parking area next to each of them, but there is also a network of paths along the edge of the cliffs in case you don't fancy driving along that bumpy track (so narrow that when you find another car in the other direction one of them has to drive backwards to one of the few wider points).

Coves near Bolnuevo

Very similar to these, there is a third wild area in Cabo Cope and Puntas del Calnegre. Once again, the beaches here are almost unspoilt due to the relatively difficult access, and nudism is tolerated. It is commonly practiced in Baño de las Mujeres and Cala Ciscar, but there are other even more isolated coves.

All of these beaches have hardly escaped from the voracious tourist development that ruined most of the Murcian coastline in the second half of the XXth century. Things seem to have changed nowadays, and government and society are now involved in the preservation of the natural environment. It is up to us to protect these areas by respecting the rules and supporting the protection measures.

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I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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