15 oct. 2015

Nude Beaches – The Ultimate Guide

Nude Beaches - The Ultimate Guide

Nude beaches differ from other general entertainment and personal recreation spots in that they allow anyone the freedom to go naked whenever they deem it fit. There are rules of course, but these are essentially meant to ensure the comfort and optimal enjoyment of the users. Over the years, nude beaches have become acceptable and legal in the face of the public and the authorities and are even protected by the powers that be. In addition to that, people have slowly become open to the idea of swimming, walking and frolicking around in the nude, something you might be quite familiar with. If you enjoy the natural freedom of going all out naked, then nude beaches are the perfect place to start.

                       Extracted from Vritomartis blog. Keep reading here (reasons to visit a nude beach, how to find them, the unwritten rules, tips...)

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Vritomartis in Crete, Greece was established as a naturist resort in 1992 after a suggestion of a guest. Since then the owners, Dourountakis Family, try to do their best to preserve their vision which is to treat guests as though they were family friends and to provide warm and generous hospitality with superb service.

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