21 sept. 2015

Your favourite nudist destinations (guest posts)

Here at mynudebeaches.com we want you to tell us about your nude beaches. Or nudist resorts. Or campings. Or hotsprings. Anywhere you can enjoy in the nude.

We need your help. We need you to let us know those secret places we have never heard about. We need you to confirm how wonderful are those world famous places we dream about. Why don't you become a guest author?

There are just three simple requirements for your contribution:
  • All the information is based on your personal experience. You are encouraged to cite other sources including links to them, but we want your own point of view!
  • If you want to include a photo (and we would love if you do), please make sure that we can publish it legally. If it is not yours, please make sure that it is released under the Creative Commons or a similar license.
  • We need a short bio of the author, including a name (or an alias), a photo for your avatar (whatever you like, it is totally up to you to appear on it), a short description and links to any website or profile in social networks you like. It is perfectly OK if you write in name of a resort or have any commercial relationship with the place you are writing about. We have no doubt that your contribution will be objective, but please, let us know if this is the case.

Don't worry about:
  • Paragraphs / Text structure. We normally use a fixed structure in our posts, but you are free to use a different one. Hey, you are the author!
  • Language. We publish an English and a Spanish version of our articles. We prefer if you use any of these, but we can also accept submissions in French, German, Italian or Portuguese and translate them if you agree.

You can use the contact form in the top menu or on any of our profiles in social networks:
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We want to publish your articles!

About the Author

Nat Biss

Author & Editor

I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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