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L'Ocean is one of the 11 beaches in which it is usually divided the uninterrupted stretch of sand near Anglet. It is sometimes included in the list of french nudist beaches. Nowadays nudism is officially banned in this beach, but I don't know if it's more or lest tolerated in some parts.

Last visited: september 2014

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How to get there

From Biarritz, this set of beaches start just north of the lighthouse, near the first golf course (Biarritz-LePhare). L'Ocean is in the central part, in front of the other golf course (Chiberta).
From Bayonne, you can follow the road that takes to the coast along the banks of the Adour. The beaches end just in the river mouth, and it is here where the road turns left to continue to Biarritz along the coast. The road is now named Boulevard des Plages, a street in Anglet with several parking areas.

The beach

It is one of the typical beaches in the region: fine sand, long, straight and very wide. The total length are 4.5 km between the lighthouse in Biarritz and the Adour mouth. The dunes in the back are completely modified by the human activity, with the aforementioned golf course and several residential areas. A beach promenade recently build runs all along the beach on top of the dunes.
Big waves make it a destination loved by surfers, but dangerous for swimming. It is not advisable to get into the water out of the surveilled areas.


Along the promenade you can find many bars, showers, toilets, surf schools, and even children's playgrounds. There are lifeguards and a first-aid post in the beach.


In my only visit I haven't seen anyone nude in the whole beach. It is absolutely impossible to find a secluded place in the beach out of sight of the thousands of people using the promenade. Moreover, all the access ramps have a sign indicating that nudism is forbidden. It doesn't make much sense to risk to get into trouble when on the other side of the river starts the endless beach that goes until Arcachon bay, 100 km north, where nudism is only forbidden in the proximity of a few towns or in the most visited areas.
It seems that nudism may be tolerated in the north end of L'Ocean, after the surveilled bathing area, but I can not confirm it.


  • Plagenat (French)
  • Sud Ouest (French)
  • plages.tv (French)

Other nude beaches in the area

I like:
  • Easy access
  • Not really crowded, even if this is an urban area
I don't like:
  • Not really a nude beach

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