26 dic 2014

El Sarello

Between the textile Serantes and the awesome nudist A Mexota, El Sarello only becomes an independent beach at high tide. Nevertheless, depending on the tide it can a quiet spot to sunbathe the way you want and virtually alone. Your only concern should be not to get isolated by a really high tide.

Last visited: august 2017

El Sarello nude beach (Asturias, Spain)

El Sarello nude beach (Asturias, Spain)

How to get there

In western Asturias, close to the Galician border, you have to left the A-8 motorway towards Serantes and park in the beach. Then walk along Serantes beach to the left passing over the group of rocks that divide both beaches. At low tide you can also go around them. Winter storms in 2014 and 2015 have removed plenty of sand, so you had to control the tide, but now it is much easier since 2017.
The second option is to drive until the parking area of A Mexota beach. Following the edge of the cliffs to the right there is a steep path down to the beach, quite difficult to find unless you know where it is. Only at low tide, El Sarello is also accessible from A Mexota passing between the rodks and the cliff, but be careful, maybe a few minutes later this way is no longer possible.

The beach

It is not a single beach, but a series of coves at the foot of a vertical cliff, joined together or not depending on the tide. The width varies from a couple of meters to more than 50 m.
To the east, the limit with Serantes is a wall of large rounded stones fallen from the cliff. To the west, huge rocks emerge from the sand leaving a narrow pass to A Mexota almost always covered by water, but it can be easily waded at low tide (depending on the efect of tides and storms that can  sometimes remove the sand).


Nothing at all in El Sarello, but there are lifeguards and a little beach bar in Serantes.


El Sarello is not a exactly nude beach, since many people from Serantes (exclusively textile beach) walk into this area, and some of them even stop here to swim or sunbathe, But also some people from A Mexota (nudist) do the same, so at the end El Sarello is a mixed area where everybody can wear (or not) whatever they want.
Due to the sand deposited by the sea in 2017, it's now much easier to reach this beach from the textile side, so now nude people seldom continue beyond the narrow pass between the rocks on the west end.

Other nude beaches in the area

I like:
  • Being the first to walk from A Mexota to find a beach entirely for you
  • The silence
I don't like:
  • Having to put something on if you want to walk along the shore into Serantes beach

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Nat Biss

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I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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