21 sept. 2014

La Lagune

This is the one of the nearest beaches to the dune of Pyla and the Bay of Arcachon, and one of the few in the region with an area reserved for naturist. As it is usual here, there is a central section with all the facilities, but the beach continues to both sides, along kilometers of unspoilt areas until you reach the next beach.

Last visited: august 2014

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How to get there

From the motorway A-63 take exit 22 toward Arcachon. Follow road A-660, but before you reach Teste-de-Buch then turn south into D259 (allow plenty of time for this part of the route, traffic jams are very common here in summertime).
In the roundabout near the Dune du Pyla, take the exit to the south following D218 and drive for 6 km until you reach a detour on your right that takes you to the parking area of La Lagune beach under a pine forest.

The beach

As said before, it is dificult to define the length of the beach. And it is also more than 100 m wide. In brief: it is huge. Plenty of golden sand for everyone. You would only feel that there are too many people if you go for a swim in the surveilled area. It is not more than 100 m long, not so much in a summer day. Because, as usual here, it is not advisable to siwm out of this area. Not only the waves -perfect for surfing-, but also the currents make of La Lagune a dangerous beach.

Video by: Daniel Tudeau


The most important, the presence of lifeguards. There also are showers, WC and a beach bar next to the parking place. Although there is an official nudist section, all the facilities are in the textile half of the beach.


In the middle of the beach, 100 m to the south of the main access, there is a large sign indicating that this is a naturist area. From here to the left almost everybody is nude. At the beginning there are lots of people, but the further you go, the less people you find. 2 kilometers later you reach Saile Nord beach, where nudity is not allowed.
Nudism is also possible to the north, in the empty area between the textile section of La Lagune and the next beach (Petit Nice) which is approximately 500 m long. Very few people here, but most of them naked, specially when you are closer to Petit Nice
Unfortunately, the surveilled area is out of the naturist section, so if you prefer skinny dipping you have to do it at your own risk -not advisable, though-.


Other nude beaches in the area

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  • Biscarrose
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I like:
  • There is an official naturist secion
  • You don't need to walk a lot to undress
I don't like:
  • The nudist zone does not include a surveilled bathing area

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