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Saturraran is a great beach in the Basque Country. It is in a rural setting, near the town of Ondarroa. The name came from the strange rocky outcrop that separates the main beach from a quiet cove where nudism can be practiced.

Last visited: april 2014

How to get there

From Ondarroa, you can walk using the pedestrian path along the coast. By car, drive towards Mutriku and 500 m after the bend that takes you away from the coast, turn left following the narower road to the campsite. It ends in a large car park right behind the main section of Santurraran beach.
To the nudist section, walk until the right end and pass over the rocks using the stairs and a concrete path. Even if you have to walk a little bit,  it is easier than usual to get to a nude beach.

The beach

The most characteristic feature of this beach are the rocks that give it its name. It is based on the legend of Satur and Aran, two lovers that got transformed into rocks.
Apart from the legend, the rock formation is wonderful, as wonderful as the views from there to Ondarroa are, in an area where the mountains reach the sea in the form of vertical cliffs. Green fields and forest are only interrupted by a few traditional basque houses.
The main section of the beach is 300 m long, with a very variable width depending on the tide. It is made of fine sand, with shingle in the left end, next to the car park. Water is a bit cold here in the Bay of Biscay, but usually OK for swimming.
The nudist cove is behind the rocks and the traditional house next to them. It is only 50 m long, and it is very reduced at high tide. Swimming in this part of the beach may be complicated since there are plenty of rocks in the shore. The beach can be crowded in summertime, so do not expect many free space around you, specially at high tide.

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There are lifeguards, showers and WC. Even there is a seasonal beach bar in the textil section, next to the car park.


No in the main section, exclusively textil. Nudism is only practiced in the cove behind the rocks in the right end. There is an unofficial sign painted in the stairs that marks that there begins the nudist section. Being so clearly identified and separated from the textil area, coexistence is perfect.

Other nude beaches in the area

I like:
  • Easy access and facilities, but in a natural environment
  • Great views
    I don't like:
    • Sometimes overcrowded

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