9 may. 2014

Vera Playa

Vera Playa is a beach resort in Almeria, Spain. The real Vera is a town few kilometres inland, so to profit the amazing long beach (El Playazo de Vera) a large number of hotels and appartment complexes have been built there in the last years.
The combination of sun, mild temperatures all year round, the almost perfect beach and a touristically undeveloped area attracted a number of nudists who where among the first to stablish there in the 80's. Then the resort started to grow and also non-naturists discover the location and of course wanted to enjoy it. Nowadays, the north end of the town can be considered a nudist area where you can walk naked down the streets.

Last visited: september 2013

 Photo: Seryam

 Photo: Raimo Oksala

Vera Playa lies in the west coast of Andalucia, not far from the astonishing Cabo de Gata Natural Park. You can get easily there by car from the airports in Almeria or Murcia. Motorway A-7 takes you to the town of Vera, 10 km inland. Then, follow the signs towards "Playas de Vera" (Vera beaches) for 8 km. You will arrive to an area with many hotels and tourist apartments. The nudist section is on the north, and the best place to park is on "Ciudad de Castellon" street, just besides the beach. When you quit the main road you will find signposts "Zona nudista" (nudist area), which is pretty obvious as soon as you spot some naked people walking down the street.

Buildings in Vera Playa align along El Playazo beach, more than 4 km long and only 500 m wide. This strip hosts several hotels and holiday appartments. Most of them show the same typology: low buildings in private complexes, with green gardens, recreational areas and pools. A shopping centre and a few restaurants are the only public facilities.

The naturist residential zone covers the north end of the town, 2 km long. This is not a fenced area, so everybody can enter freely. The limits are clearly marked with brown "Zona naturista" signposts in the streets. From this point you can find people naked in the street, but since these are public streets, the signs do not mean any official designation. Is the general Spanish legislation which grants the right to be nude in any public space. My experience is that everybody, naked or not, is at least naturist-friendly. I have always felt comfortable here.

Twelve naturist complexes and a 4-star hotel (the only naturist hotel in Spain) offer plenty of accomodation options. Vera Playa is not a naturist centre, but a group of privately owned appartments, so no common rules apply. Usually, they are clothing-optional and nudity is only strictly required in the pool area. All buildings are at walking distance of the beach, and even some of them have direct access to it.

There are a few naturist bars and restaurants in the nudist area, including those in the beach itself. Supermarkets, however, can only be find in the textile section.

  • The naturist area is open to everyone, no need to be member of a club or any other organization.
  • Total tolerance and virtual absence of gawkers
  • The weather out of summer months, when temperatures can be very high. You wouldn't need clothes most time of the year.
I don't like:
  • A few years ago there have been some problems with local authorities posing restrictions to naturists. Nowadays Vera is being promoted internationally as a tourist destination for naturists so hopefully these concerns seem to be no longer true.

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I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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