6 abr 2014

Berlin, nudists in the park

You would expect an open attitude towards public nudity from the country where modern FKK (aka nudism) was created. This meaning that you should not be surprised to have to undress in a sauna or a spa, and that here and there should be some nude beaches or resorts, of course. But unless you have been previously warned, a meadow in a public park packed with naked people can be, at least, shocking. Specially if this happens just a few metres away from the national parliament.

Nude beach at Müggelsee (Berlin, Germany)
That is exactly what you can see in Berlin. There is an area in the Tiergarten, the main park in the city centre, where you can sunbathe in the nude. But this is not the only nudist area in the city.
To understand the relationship of berliners with public nudity it is necessary to think on its recent history. Many things have changed since the beginning of XXth century, but Germans have not lost their love for an all-over suntan, specially in East Germany, where nakedness was one of the few things not prohibited by the communist government (FKK was slightly less popular on the west side). After the fall of the Wall, Berlin now joins up the best of both worlds, combined with uncountable foreign influences and a strong feeling of freedom an open-mindedness. "Live and let live" might be the motto of the reunified Berlin.
It is not strange, so, that you can find many places for nude sunbathing in the city. Even leaving aside saunas or indoor swimming pools, the number of options is astonishing compared with other cities in Europe. They fall into two categories: lake beaches and urban parks.
Not as popular as 20 years ago, you should check if nudism is still possible in some of these places. Apparently, the situation has changed for the worse in the last years.

Map of nude beaches in Berlin


The Baltic sea is 200 km away, but Berlin is surrounded by lakes and several places have been conditioned for bathing. In some cases it is only a meadow with access to the lake for swimming, others are equipped with sand areas, buildings and all type of facilities. Nudism is allowed in most of them, either in designated areas or shared with textiles.
They can be grouped in three areas:
  • Around Tegel airport, in the northwest, where we can find three bathing areas: Tegelersee, Flughafensee and Plötzensee.
  • Grunewald, a large green area in the southwest with several lakes and forests, with five beaches in Gross Glienicker See, Teufelsee, Halensee, Grunewaldsee, and Wannsee, a 1 km-long sandy beach created in 1907 with space for up to 30,000 people and a separated section for nudists.
  • The southeast, with several bathing spots in Langersee, Müggelsee and the four Kaulsdorfer Seen.
Beach at Wannsee (Berlin, Germany)
Author: Axel Mauruszat

Urban parks

Berliners love the sun and try to catch every sunbeam. Even if all these lakes are easily accessible by the excellent public transport network in Berlin, there are other alternatives for nude sunbathers that do not want to waste their time travelling. Those who prefer a place in the city centre can choose not only the aforementioned Tiergarten, but also other three public parks:
  • Tiergarten is the largest park, between the east and west sides and close to the most important tourist attractions. Nudists tipically concentrate on an area near the Siegessäule (Victory Column), but there are other more or less secluded spots that can also be used for sunbathing.
  • Schlosspark Charlottenburg, Schlosspark Pankow and Volkspark Friedrichshein, even if not so popular, also offer some areas for nude sunbathing.

Sunbathing at Tiergarten (Berlin, Germany)
Author: ya po guille


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