3 ene. 2014

New blog design

After eight months, I think it is time to modify the design of my blog and start this new year with a fresh look. 

Changes will also affect the content, but you will discover them in the new posts. I have dedicated the last weeks to the design, so I couldn't find time to write, but I promise you to start doing it regularly from today (and no, this is not one of those new year resolutions that you forget in a couple of days).

You may have noticed them, but to summarize the main modifications are:

  • The general design. From dark colors to clean white/ligth blue tones. Combined with very clear fonts, I think this will improve readability.
  • The side menu, which gives a quick access to any post organized by category and geographically.
  • Links are now in a separate page, which will allow me to increase them without using space in the main page. Only the directories that list useful sites (including mine, of course) appear in the bottom line.
  • The main language is now English. I will continue publishing posts in English and Spanish, but I think it is easier to use only one language in the menus. I hope this is not a problem for my spanish-spoken readers. Anyway, you can use the "Translate" button on the top right corner to translate the blog quite accurately into any other language supported by Google.
  • New social network buttons, to make easier to share with your friends the content you like or to subscribe to receive the updates.
  • More visual content. I have started including more photographs in the posts, but I plan also to add videos so you can make your own opinion about the beaches.
  • Related links in each post. Because my own report is not the best source of information (well, I hope it can be in some cases), these links will take you to additional sites that can offer a different point of view or more detailled information.
  • Information about the author. Well, right now it is always me, but I would like that in the future some friends could also post in my blog about new places.
I hope you enjoy these changes!
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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Nat Biss

Author & Editor

I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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