16 ene. 2014

Cayo Largo

This small island is probably the first place that comes to your mind when you think about nudism in Cuba. As in the rest of the country, nude sunbathing is not officially allowed, but it is tolerated in the kilometres long deserted beaches, and even in a few designated areas next to the main resorts.

Last visited: As an exception in this blog, I have never visited Cayo Largo. This post is based only on information gathered on several sources that I consider reliable and updated, but I can not garantee its accuracy. Please, check it by yourself . If you have ever been here, please make a comment or contact me to modify this post with first hand information.  

Beach at Cayo Largo (Cuba)
Photo by: Vgenecr from nl

How to get there
The main entrance to Cayo Largo is the airport, which not only connects the island with Havana and other cities in the main island, but also with international destinations in Canada, South America or Italy. Of course, flight connections are subjected to frequent changes.
Apparently, there isn't any ferry connection for tourist, only those for Cuban workers. As in other resorts in Cuba, there is a clear distinction between the facilities for nationals and for tourists. According to my experience (not particularly in this case), you can use both of them if you accept Cuban "standards", which means no comfort at all, and it may be difficult to get tickets if you can't speak spanish. On the other hand, prices are incredibly low.
You can also rent a yatch if you want to sail to the Marina in Cayo Largo.

The beach

As you can see in the map above, the airport, the hotels and the hotel workers' village (yes, sadly, tourists and nationals are segregated) are all located in the western tip of Cayo Largo. Out of there, the islad is uninhabited.

A long beach (more than 20km long) goes all along the south coast. White sand and pristine water, as you would expect in the Caribbean.


You can find any kind of facilities in the beaches next to the hotels, from beach bars and sunbeds to water sports. For naturists, there are a few sunbeds in the nudist designated areas, but apart from that you will have to cover yourself to use other facilities.


This is a perfect destination for nudists. Even if not officially legal, nudism has historically been tolerated here for a long time. Since this is well known and accepted, coexistence with textiles is easy in the clothing-optional sections. These are some marked areas on the periphery of the resorts, and specially the long stretcth of deserted beaches to the east of the last hotel.
Of course, you have to limit to this areas, nudism is not tolerated on hotel grounds.


Other nude beaches in the area

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