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Near the famous town of Matala, which attracted worldwide attention as a hippie paradise back in the 60s and 70s, Komos is one of the longest beaches in southern Crete. Sandy, as oposed to most other in the area, it not only known for its naturist section, but also for the archeological ruins and the turtles that nest there.

Last visited: june 2013
Komos nude beach (Crete, Greece)

Komos nude beach (Crete, Greece)

How to get there

From Matala, take the main road towards Pitsida. After 3km, take a small road to the left. Then you can select three different ways. If you continue uphill, you will reach a small chapel over the cliff, and if you continue to the end of the road (now very narrow) you descend steeply to the "taverna" in the south end of the beach.
If you turn right downhill at the previous crossroad, you can see after a few meters the road on the left that takes you to a large car park near the archeologic site. This is the route marked in the map, probably the best option. These two are non-nudist areas.
Alternatively, don't turn left and continue through a dirt track to a much smaller parking area in the nudist section.
You can also get to the north of Komos beach from the village of Neo Kalamaki.

The beach

Komos is more than 2km long. Golden sand and a calm sea, just a light breeze and no waves, make it an almost perfect beach. Only the rocks in the water make a bit difficult to have a bath. The landscape, however, is not very spectacular compared to other beaches in the area (the one in Matala, even if non nude, is astonishing). Low cliffs in the south, sand dunes with some trees in the center and the north.
But there two very particular things in this beach. First, the minoan archeological sites. There are plenty of them in the area, specially a town right in the back of the beach. The car park is there, and it deserves a visit before or after sunbaking on the sand.
The beach is also known as a nesting area for the threatened loggerhead sea turtle. The area is protected and beachgoers should be specially careful during nesting season.

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There is a celeb "taverna" (beach bar) in the south end, and some other along the non naturist areas. You can also find there sunbeds, showers and lifeguards. However, there isn't any facility in the nudist section.


While in most beaches nudists usually concentrate on the ends, here they use the central part, which also happens to be the widest section of the beach and the one with trees that give some shade. Even some people seem to have camped there (I don't know if this is legal or not).
Virtually 100% of the people in this section is nude, with the exception of some walkers along the shore. To the south, these section starts not far from the main parking place, right after you pass the minoan ruins. Nudists and textiles do not mix. A group of rocks that protrude from the sand seem to define the border between them.


Other nude beaches in the area

I like:
  • Very long beach
  • Golden sand, unusual in the south coast of Crete
I don't like:
  • Sharp rocks into the water
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