3 nov 2013


A huge beach you can only access by car from the ends. It seems the perfect place to have your own space, with the sun shining almost every day. The only problem can be the wind, since you could not find anything on the beach that can protect you.

Last visited: october 2010

Castilnovo nude beach (Conil, Cadiz, Andalusia)

How to get there
From the north, you can walk from Conil de la Frontera; Castilnovo beach starts at the other side of Salado river. A pedestrian bridge leads you right into the beach. From the south, you can walk from El Palmar beach. There is an unpaved road along the beach, but can only be used by the farmers to access their cropping fields.

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The beach
It is a straight strip of golden sand several kilometer long and up to 100m wide. Not easily accessible by car, it is never overcrowded, so you will have plenty of space for yourself. Given the strong wind, some days it can be more suitable for those who like long walks than for sunbathers.
The espectacular sunsets give this beach an extra point.

You can only find them in the south end, where it meets El Palmar beach, or in Conil. Nothing else in the rest of the beach.

It is not officially a nude beach, but nudism is quite common in the center of the beach, where nudists and textiles mixed. You can find more naked people in the back of the beach, but it is also possible to have a dip or go for a walk in the nude.

I like:
  • A virtually unspoilt beach in a tourist area
  • Long walks along the shore
I don't like:
  • The strong wind

About the Author

Nat Biss

Author & Editor

I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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