27 oct 2013

Vera (El Playazo)

This is the beach of the largest naturist resort in Spain. Several kilometers of sand with thousands of nudists from all Europe. Hotels, apartments, restaurants... nudism is not restricted to the beach.

Last visited: september 2013

Almeria, Spain 2010. Vera Playa. Photo Raimo Oksala
Photo: Raimo Oksala

How to get there
From Almeria, take motorway A-7 to the north until the town of Vera. Then, follow the signposts towards "Playas de Vera" (Vera beaches) for 8 km. You will arrive to an area with many hotels and tourist apartments. The nudist section is on the north, and the best place to park is on "Ciudad de Castellon" street, just besides the beach. When you quit the main road you will find signposts "Zona nudista" (nudist area), which makes pretty obvious as soos as you spot some naked people walking down the street.

The beach
El Playazo (literally, "large beach" in spanish), is huge. It extends in a straight line south to north for several kilometers, and is up to 100 m wide.
Almost all the lenght of the beach is occupied by hotels and apartments. Only the northern end, where the beach curves gently, is free from buildings.

Like any urban beach, there are all kind of facilities: lifeguards, dust bins, sunbeds for rent, showers, WC, beach bars... and even a place where you can enjoy a massage in the beach.

Part of El Playazo has been a nudist area for over 20 years. The naturist area was the first to be developed touristically, so naked people had never been a problem for the few textiles in the beach. However, in the last years the number of textiles has dramatically increased and some problems seem to have appeared.
A few years ago, the local government tried to divide the beach with a stone barrier. It was a controversial decision, taking into account the naturist tradition in Vera, and the fact that been naked is not ilegal in Spain.

Nude beach El Playazo - Vera (Almeria, Andalusia, Spain). Signpost "Nudist section"
I didn't know the situation when I visited Vera in the summer of 2013, but the only I could find was the signpost in the photo. According to it, to the south of the first nudist beach bar it will start the textile section. But in practice, you can walk naked further on. Is a part of the beach not really used by many people (it is separated from the apartments by a river), but all sunbathers wear swimsuit, while nudists walk along the shore. Anyway, nobody seem to mind the presence of nude people.
Apart from the beach, nudism is normal in bars or even the streets of the nudist section.

I like:
  • You can be naked not only on the beach, but also in the streets, the bars...
I don't like:
  • You can't really know where is the limit of the nudist area, and if there is any problem if you walk nude into the textile section

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