27 sept. 2013


More than an independent beach, in fact Requexinos is the eastern end of the very long Playon de Bayas (playon = "large beach" in spanish). It is a quiet beach, although the sea can be dangerous. From there you can see the planes landing on the Asturias airport, located on top of the cliff that surrounds the beach.

Last visited: september 2011

Nude beach Requexinos (Bayas, Asturias)

How to get there
En dirección al aeropuerto de Asturias, poco antes de llegar se toma una desviación a la derecha y tras un par de kilómetros se encuentra un indicador para la playa. Tras llegar a lo alto del acantilado, la carretera desciende hasta un aparcamiento de tierra tras la zona de dunas. Desde aquí se toma un sendero y al llegar a la arena, Requexinos es la zona que queda a la derecha. Aunque hay alguna pista que atraviesa las dunas, no está permitido circular en coche por ellas. Por el acantilado pasa un tramo de la senda que recorre buena parte de la costa asturiana.

The beach
Bayas is the longest beach in Asturias. A narrow strip of dark grey sand. The last 100m to the east are much wider, and this section is given the name of Requexinos, separated from the rest of the beach by a promontory.
Standing out in the middle of the beach, a characteristic pair of rocks which are surrounded by the sea at high tide. This is the safest area for swimming in the whole Bayas beach.

Lifeguards on the beach.

Being a more or less "official" nude beach, being naked is the norm here. However, given its good conditions to swim (compared to that of Bayas beach) is not unsual to find textiles that come for a dip. Out of this area, nudism is also practiced in some other areas of Bayas far from the parking lots.

I like:
  • Easy access and convenient parking lot
  • Lifeguards
 I don't like:
  • May be overcrowded sometimes
  • The sea can be dangerous

About the Author

Nat Biss

Author & Editor

I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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