21 sept. 2013

Bungalows Playa Famara

This is not a conventional hotel. In fact, is a group of holiday houses rented when their owners (mostly nordic or germans) don't use them. This is, fortunately, the only condominium of the several ones projected for the surroundings of the unspoilt Famara beach in nothwestern Lanzarote.

Last visit: december 2011

Bungalows Playa Famara
By Frank Vincentz (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

How to get there
The bungalows lay on the magnificent western coast of Lanzarote, close to Caleta de Famara. From Arrecife (the main town) is a short trip of 25 km crossing the island east to west along the roads LZ-20, LZ-30 (north) and finally LZ-402. Caleta de Famara is a small fishing village, but it is the only one on that section of the coast.

When you reach the village, turn right to the beach. This is the most populated area, and usually the road is full of parked cars (beware of getting trapped in the sand). At the end of the road, you find the bungalows. If you continue uphill, the road becomes a bumpy track that you can follow towards the end of the beach (the nudist section).

My review
Built in the 70's, this is one of the first tourist developments in Lanzarote. The resort was promoted by a group of norwegian people, this is why they are comonly known as "Los Noruegos" (the norwegian, in spanish). The idea was to minimize the impact of the buildings in the pristine landscape taking advantage of the slope to partially bury them and placing a garden in front of the buildings. In spite of the effort, they are clearly visible from all the beach and the top of the Famara cliffs.
All the bungalows share the same basic form, a semicircle that opens into a large window towards the sea, and a back wall with small openings. The gardens has volcanic gravel instead of grass and local bushes and trees. From this original design, each owner has made some modifications, so all bungalows are now different.

Garden at Bungalows Playa Famara

There are 3 types of Bungalows for 2, 4 or 6 people. All of them are equipped with a separate kitchen and a large terrace. Some have been transformed into luxury villages with private swimming pools, while others only offer the basic amenities. Prices are also different, of course. A company rents the bungalows for the periods their owners are not using them. I don't know which is the shortest possible reservation, but I remember having stayed there for just 3 or 4 days in 2011 (less than a week, anyway).
The reception office is in a small common area in the middle of the village, next to a restaurant, a very small supermarket (quite expensive), and other small businesses, including a massage and therapy centre. With a car, is easy to move to the real village in Caleta de Famara (2 km away). There are plenty of space to park on the streets.
The lower bungalows are really on the beach (in my opinion, some of them are too close). The negative part is the wind, which pushes the sand into the streets and gardens. This is not a problem for the ones in the higher part, but on the contrary you have to walk to the beach, and specially back, when you have to go uphill.
The location allows stunning sunset views, with the sun hiding behind the volcanoes. Far from any large town, it is perfect to enjoy the bright of the stars against a dark sky at night. Maybe the wind is the only drawback of the place.

Other reviews (in spanish)
Nudist areas
This is not really a naturist resort, but as they say in the official website, 
"Many bungalows in Famara are well fitted for nudism by offering complete privacy"
In fact, since each bungalow is rented individually, is completely up to you wearing clothes or not. Quite surprisingly, sincethe gardens are not surrounded by high walls, is almost impossible to spot anything even from a higher position in the slope. The design guarantees privacy, so it is perfect for home and garden nudistm, specially when the weather here invites to strip off your clothes all year round.

View from the top of Bungalows Playa Famara

If the location is optimal for surfers, it is also for nudists. From this point to the north, Famara beach is a clothing-optional beach. Very few people go there, and you can use the circular stone walls ("zocos") to have additional privacy or, even more important, to protect you from the wind.

Address: Calle Cascabelillo, 2, 35558 Teguise (Lanzarote), Las Palmas
GPS: 29.1146,-13.548313
Phone: +34928 84 51 32


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