5 sept. 2013

Agia Roumelli

If enjoying the amazing landscape wasn't reward enough, walkers in the Samaria Gorge find this peaceful beach at the end of the route. In fact, apart from sunbathing there is little more you can do while waiting forthe ferry that will take you out of Agia Roumelli (cars can't arrive here).
The whole village seems to live off the Gorge, and it is packed with restaurants, bars and guesthouses. But houses occupy only a small part of the beach, leaving the rest of it untouched, so you can chose the "urban" side (sunbeds, bars, music...), or the deserted one.

Last visited: july 2013

Nude beach Agia Roumelli (Crete, Greece)

Nude beach Agia Roumelli (Crete, Greece)

How to get there
Impossible by car. From the inland the only way is the path that follows down the wonderful Samaria Gorge. Only the last two kilometers are flat and wide enough for a dirt track and cars transport to the village and the beach those who have run out of energy after the 19 km route.
You can also arrive by boat. The little harbour of Agia Roumelli has daily connections to Loutro, Chora Skafion, Sougia and Paleochora, usually for walkers returning home, but also some people get here this way.

The beach
It is divided by the Samaria river in two parts. The main one is on the right of the river, where the harbour and all the houses are. The beach extends for around one kilometer from there to the west, enough for all the tourist to sunbathe even on summer days. As most beaches in the southern coast of Crete, there are coarse-grained black sand and pebbles. Not the best, but after the Samaria Gorge route you don't really care about that. Most people stay near the beach bars, while the rest of the beach is virtually empty. On the west end, there are a few secluded coves behind large rocks.
To reach the left side you can cross the river by a bridge, or at least in summer, walk over the rocks. This part is smaller. It also have pebbles, and here the slope to the sea is steeper. Not very pleasant, but perfect for those looking for solitude or shade in the caves at the end.

The village has a handful of restaurants and beach bars, some of them with their own sunbeds in the section of the beach close to the harbour.

I have always read that nudism was only allowed on the east side of the beach, crossing the Samaria river. And this is true, very few people on this area (just three!!!), but all nude.
However, I did also find nudists on the main section, a hundred meters to the west of the last pub. Two mature couples were naked when I arrive, I imitate them, and soon a young couple follow us. Even if you are exposed to the rest of the beachgoers (not a single rock to hide behind), they were too far and just a few people pass walking along the shore.
The coves on the west end were full of textiles that have arrived there by boat.

I like:
  • Laying on the beach and having a dip after a long walk on a hot sunny day
I don't like:
  • The pebbles in the beach, uncomfortable to lay on, and even worse to walk barefeet

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