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Coves in Papagayo

Several little coves are interspersed between the Papagayo beaches. The biggest ones are Caleton de Cobre and Caleton de San Marcial, but there are more. All of them are surrounded by cliffs and can only be reached crossing the rocks on the shore.

Last visited: december 2011

Nude coves in Papagayo (Lanzarote)

Nude coves in Papagayo (Lanzarote)

How to get there
You have to take the road to Papagayo beaches. Park your car close to Playa Mujeres. From that beach or Playa de la Cruz, the only way goes along the shore.

The coves
The first one,is Caleton del Cobre, separated from Playa Mujeres only by a few rocks. The cliff opens to a flat sandy area that almost dissapears at high tide. The next one, Caleton de San Marcial, is quite similar but even smaller.
On the other side of Playa de la Cruz there are more nameless little coves, some of then so small that only 2 or 3 people can lay there. Even so (or maybe because of this), they are never crowded and people try to respect your space.

Only the bar on top of Papagayo beach.

Feel free to do what you want. Nudists and textiles share this part of the shore without a problem. But don't expect any privacy, you will be exposed to walkers, most of them not nude.

I like:
  • Isolation. People pass by continuously, but just a few stop here
I don't like:
  • At high tide you can become trapped there
  • Maybe such a small place can become boring after some time

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