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A Mexota

An incredibly photogenic beach. Golden sand, vertical cliffs, small islands, the typical asturian green landscape... All of this in a place far enough not to be overpopulated, but close enough to get there easily. Divided into several areas, even with dozens of sunbathers you will feel you are on your own. No doubt, this is one of my favourite beaches.

Last visited: september 2012

Nude Beach A Mexota (Asturias)

Nude Beach A Mexota (Asturias)

How to get there
A Mexota is in the small village of Villamil. Take the 498 exit on the A-8 towards Serantes/Barres. After less than 1 km, you arrive to a roundabout. Take there a narrow road to the left and follow it to the end. There turn right and after 500 m there is a left turn into a dirt road between cows and fields that leads to the parking at the top of the cliff. There is usually enough room to park. If not, you can always leave the car at the roadside.
From here two trails go down the cliff and eventually join into one that arrives to the beach with a gentle slope. 

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The beach
It is divided into three zones, each of them having particular characteristics. The first, where the descent path is, is the only one not flanked by vertical cliffs. However, the steep slope means that most of the beach is out of the view from the parking lot. This part is about 100m long and quite wide. The entrance to the water is uncomfortable, because in the first meters accumulate lots of stones.
To the right there is a passage between the cliff and the huge rock, sharp like a knife, that introduces into the sea and is probably the most characteristic image of A Mexota. Going through it you reach the second part of the beach. Slightly longer than the previous one, but considerably wider. The problem here are the cliffs that fall to peak from 20m in height. That, and the north orientation, make as evening falls the shadow begins to take over the beach. Bathing here is simpler, because except in the far right there are few stones in the water. There is a small step in the sand, but the slope is generally quite smooth.
Continuing east we find another narrow passage towards the third zone that forces us to cross over some rocks. For here we arrive to a part of the beach much smaller which almost disappears at high tide. Rather than sunbathing, is frequented by those who decide to take a walk or those who choose to come here for a swim, because waves are usually lower in this part of the beach.
Normally, our ride would end in a vertical wall that shuts off us, but at low tide, we can still follow the shore to El Sarello beach. Depending on the currents and storms, the sea deposits or removes the sand and the passage may be opened more or less time. In case it was closed when you try to return, you can always make your way back along the edge of the cliff. This is a mixed area between the nudist A Mexota and the textile Serantes beaches. Definitely not a place to take the sun, but to bathe in the kind of pool that forms around the rocks. And for lovers of photography, here you can find spectacular views.

Do not expect any kind of service here. Only at low tide lifeguards from Serantes may reach A Mexota when patrolling the shore.

The majority of the people will be nude. Maybe a little less in the first zone, since it is the most exposed, but even here the percentage of textiles seldom exceeds 25%. Obviously, no one will be upset or make you feel uncomfortable if you decide not to take your swimsuit off.
Not the best beach for those who prefer a secluded place. Although in the last part of A Mexota you can partially hide between the rocks, you will always be exposed to those who wander along the shore, including textiles coming from Serantes beach. There are also several view points along the edge of the cliff from where all the beach is visible.
Además, desde varios puntos del sendero que recorre el borde del acantilado se tiene una visión perfecta de la playa.

I like:
  • The atmosphere, always calm and relaxed even when the beach gets crowded on summer weekends.Completely tolerant, no matter if you wear swimsuit or not
  • Waiting for the tide to allow long walks to Serantes beach
  • The environment: you can't see any building from the sea
I don't like:
  • Algae sometimes accumulate at certain points
  • Some voyeurs at the top of the cliff. Not so many, but is usual to spot someone in the evening

About the Author

Nat Biss

Author & Editor

I have dedicated most of my free time in the last years to discover the world, and beaches offer some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The next step was to enjoy them as naturally as possible, which obviously mean without clothes. Now I think it is time for me to share this liberating experience and try to help others to discover it.

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